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Flying Around the World with David Rule

Drone Podcast - David Rule

The Drone Trainer Podcast 071 – David Rule

David Rule is a globetrotting drone pilot, who calls Pinedale, Wyoming home. He got into photography about 2 years ago, and pulled the trigger on a drone just over a year ago. The drone was the no brainer addition to his toolkit, to help bring his passion for photography to the next level!

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Adelaide Drone Pilot Steve Adcock

Drone Podcast - Steve Adcock

The Drone Trainer Podcast 070 – Steve Adcock

Steve Adcock is a drone pilot from Adelaide, in South Australia. Actually, he’s not right in Adelaide, but he’s 30km to the east. Regardless, he’s flying all over the area, and is having a blast with his drone business. He’s currently flying a variety of drones, including several DJI drones from the Spark all the way up to the Inspire 2. He thinks that he’s had 13 drones so far, with 3 of them being written off. Good ratio I guess? haha

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Drone IMU Calibration

Drone IMU Calibration Best Practices

This week while the temperatures were hovering just above freezing, I decided to conduct a IMU calibration on my DJI Phantom 4 Pro. After completing the calibration, I wondered what the rest of the drone community was up to, and reached out to find out all of the best practices! Read more…