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Some of the newest drones have obstacle avoidance systems to help you not crash. These systems are great, however you need to set them up properly or they’re not going to work. A few days ago I was asked via twitter, “Why didn’t my drone stop, when it was beeping and showing distance on the screen?” Let’s find out why that happened!

In order to use obstacle avoidance, you need to make sure that it’s turned on. “But the drone was beeping!” Yeah, that means that the radar is turned on, but not necessarily the obstacle avoidance system! In the visual navigation settings, be sure to check and see if you have just radar, or both radar and obstacle avoidance turned on.

Drone Obstacle Avoidance Settings

Drone obstacle avoidance turned off

In the above screen capture you can see that only radar is turned on. This can be deceiving as you’ll have radar markings on the screen, however your drone isn’t going to automatically stop as avoidance is turned off. The easiest way to fix that is to turn obstacle avoidance on.

Drone obstacle avoidance turned on

Now that it’s turned on, your drone will start to avoid obstacles to the best of it’s ability. It’s still important to fly safely with the drone and any obstacles clearly in sight, but in a pinch a system like this can save you from crashing your drone.

Drone Radar

Drone radar markings

Here is an example of the way that radar will appear on the screen when your drone is in flight. The top markings show whats in front of your drone, while the bottom markings show whats behind it. Side indicators will also appear if your drone is approaching something close from either the left or right side. The intensity of the markings will also start to increase the closer you get to an obstacle. Something further away will show up with lighter lines, but closer objects will be intense. That combined with the distance indicator (1.0m in the above example), will give you a good idea how far away your obstacles are.

I hope this helps you to understand why your drone may be warning you about obstacles but not stopping. If you have any questions about this or any other drone topic, be sure to get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you with a video answer as soon as we can!


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