The Drone Trainer Podcast 018 - Jerry Fletcher from Texas

The Drone Trainer Podcast - Jerry Fletcher

The Drone Trainer Podcast 018 – Jerry Fletcher

This is episode 18 of The Drone Trainer Podcast! What did you think of my daughters debut podcast intro? She was dying to get on, but then was super shy so it was a lot of fun to record this episode with her. Anyway, this week we hear from Jerry Fletcher, a drone operator from Texas who discusses real estate and drone mapping applications. Let me know what you think, and be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss any episodes!

Jerry Fletcher - Texas Drone PilotJerry Fletcher mentions that he’s doing a lot of real estate work with his drone, and is looking to get into more construction work. Listen in as we discuss how he’s proceeding with his drone inspections, and some ideas to help get his business flying even higher! Ps, Jerry has been working with Allstate for his insurance inspections!

Jerry has his FAA Part 107, and found that it was quite an easy exam as he is also a manned pilot. If you’re looking to get your Part 107 license, be sure to check out my recommendation for the best training available.

For those of you that have almost had a collision with something, you will appreciate Jerry’s story about almost colliding with the Goodyear Blimp as he was flying over a hospital! Definitely a bone shaking experience, but Jerry’s description of the event is entertaining and worth the listen.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this episode! If you have a few seconds after you finish listening, leave a comment below so Jerry and I can hear your thoughts!

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Here are links to everything mentioned in this episode

  • Pix4D – Powerful desktop and cloud photogrammetry processing software
  • Drone Deploy – Cloud based and super easy drone map processing
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro – Jerry’s drone of choice after switching from Yuneec


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