The Drone Trainer Podcast 019 - Kara Murphy fine art drone photographer

Drone Trainer Podcast - Kara Murphy

The Drone Trainer Podcast 019 – Kara Murphy

This is episode 19 of The Drone Trainer Podcast! This week I have Kara Murphy, a drone pilot based in Michigan who has also flown in the San Francisco area in the past. Listen in as she talks about how she got her start with drones, and how she’s collaborating with some big name drone companies. Like this show? Be a friend and subscribe so that you don’t miss any episodes!

Salesforce Tower Drone Photo - Kara MurphyKara Murphy was one of the lucky few to be able to fly sky high in the dead centre of San Francisco, and has captured some dynamite photos of the cityscape. My personal favourite after checking out her site is this photo of the Salesforce Tower while it was under construction.

Kara also recommends flying with two of the same drone, specifically the Phantom 4 Pro that she brings to every job. Listen in as she discusses how having a backup drone can be a life saver and ensure that you get the job done. Kara also raves about how awesome the P4P is, and how she’s able to adjust the camera settings to get the quality drone shots that you see on her site.

Kara is working in real estate, as well as selling fine art prints of her drone photos. She’s currently selling them individually, but is working on setting up an Etsy site to hopefully reach a larger audience. I bet some of you are thinking of setting up the same after hearing the success that she’s been having selling her photos.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this episode! If you have a few seconds after you finish listening, leave a comment below so Kara and I can hear your thoughts!

Check our Kara’s work and follow him on social media!


Here are links to everything mentioned in this episode

  • Drone Deploy – Cloud based and super easy drone map processing
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro – Jerry’s drone of choice after switching from Yuneec
  • Litchi – Autonomous flight with your DJI drone
  • PolarPro – Lens filters to bring your drone work to the next level
  • FieldHawk UAS – Kara’s friend and drone pilot in Michigan


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