The Drone Trainer Podcast 021 - Shark Surveillance with Jackie Dujmovic

Drone Podcast 21 - Jackie Dujmovic

The Drone Trainer Podcast 021 – Jackie Dujmovic

This is episode 21 of The Drone Trainer Podcast! This week we’re going to hear from Jackie Dujmovic, a drone pilot and business owner based in Australia. As always, if you like this show be a friend and subscribe so that you don’t miss any episodes!

Jackie Dujmovic - Drone Trainer PodcastWe’ve all seen beautiful drone photos of the beach and ocean, however Jackie Dujmovic and her company Hover UAV is taking it to the next level by conducting shark surveillance! When you check out Hover UAV‘s website, the first thing that you’ll see and what immediately caught my eye, is shark footage captured by drone! How’s that for an attention getter!

Now that Jackie has your attention, it’s really cool to hear about the good that she is doing with drones, by keeping beaches and swimmers safe from shark attacks. Listen in as she describes the autonomous systems that she’s working on, and how alerts are broadcasted to those in danger.

Jackie is also involved in She Flies, which is an Australian STEM educational program concentrating on getting female talent into the drone industry. In this episode, Jackie discusses how low the number of female drone pilots are in Australia, and how this program is working towards getting girls excited about STEM careers.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this episode! If you have a few seconds after you finish listening, leave a comment below so Jackie and I can hear your thoughts!

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Here are links to everything mentioned in this episode

  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro – The drone that Ty uses for disaster assessment
  • She Flies – STEM program aimed at Australia’s female youth
  • Drone Flyer – Rules for where and how to fly your drone in Australia
  • Onboard Smarts – The development company that is working on shark detection


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