Drone Podcast 028 - Randy Goers Drone Radio Show

Randy Goers Drone Radio Show

The Drone Trainer Podcast 028 – Randy Goers

Welcome to episode 28 of The Drone Trainer Podcast! This week features Randy Goers, who is the host of the popular Drone Radio Show podcast! A podcast episode with another drone podcaster? Yeah, you bet! Have a listen and subscribe on iTunes or Google Play so that you don’t miss this or any of the future podcast episodes!

Randy Goers - Drone Radio ShowPrior to starting my own podcast, I was listening to a bunch of others in order to stay on top of all of the industry news and trends. One that I hooked onto fairly early on in my drone career was the Drone Radio Show podcast, hosted by Randy Goers. I’ve listened to many different drone podcasts over the years, but Randy’s is one of the few that has stuck around in my subscriptions.

Randy’s show features many of the top industry professionals, that are doing something unique with drones. Randy describes his show as, “A weekly podcast about drones and the people who use them for business, fun and research.”

When I asked Randy about his favourite episodes so far, he mentioned The Drone Singer, Fargo, Colin Snow, and many more. He’s a big fan of his own show, and for good reason so I recommend that along with my show you add his to your subscriptions in your podcast player of choice!

Now, for business related advice, Randy recommends the following. “Make sure that you’re certified, have proper insurance and waivers if you need them. Do everything by the book. You have to become good at something. You can’t take for granted that someone is going to hire you as you’re the only one out there. You have to become very good at something. Video, compiling data, and delivering a good product to clients. Time and time again, it’s all about asking yourself what value you can bring to your business and your client.”

Excellent advice! Now have a listen, and subscribe to both of our shows!

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