Drone Podcast 047 - Upstate New York Drone Pilot Keith Perry

Drone Podcast - Keith Perry

The Drone Trainer Podcast 047 – Keith Perry

Welcome to episode 47 of The Drone Trainer Podcast! This week we’re going to hear from Keith Perry of Hudson Valley Drones in upstate New York. Check this episode out and subscribe on iTunes or Google Play so that you don’t miss this or any of the future podcast episodes!

Keith Perry - Hudson Valley DronesKeith Perry, as you may remember from a video blog post that I shared a few weeks ago, is flying a Mavic 2 Zoom. He was one of the first drone pilots that picked up a Mavic 2 Zoom, so with how passionate he is about drones I wanted to chat with him on the podcast as well!

Keith’s company is Hudson Valley Drones, based in upstate New York. Keith is concentrating on real estate, but is also working in solar panels and surveying for solar companies. If you’re interested in solar panel work, be sure to check out episode 38 with Sinuhe Montoya as well.

In this episode we discuss how important it is to price your work based on a set rate, and then increase it based on mileage, travel time, etc. You don’t want to end up driving so far that the cost of gas alone ends up being higher than what you billed your client! I have created a spreadsheet that calculates all this stuff for me, however it’s not quite ready to be shared with everyone yet. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready!

One thing that I loved hearing from Keith is that he has just quit his full time job to work with drones full time! He’s purchased a company vehicle, insured everything from head to toe, and is jumping right into things! He’s justifiably excited, but also scared. It’s something that he has thought about since starting his business, and is finally pulling the trigger on it. Let’s all wish him luck!

I hope you enjoyed this episode featuring Keith Perry from Hudson Valley Drones in New York! Once you’ve had a listen, feel free to leave a comment below so that Keith and I can hear what you think!

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