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Tom Noske's Drone Podcast

The Drone Trainer Podcast 073 – Tom Noske

Tom Noske is a drone pilot from Melbourne, Australia, that is creating beautiful pieces of art with his drone. Yeah, we’re going to learn all about his shooting style and editing process during this chat!

Drone Pilot Tom NoskeTom is currently flying the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, and absolutely loves the larger Hasselblad sensor. He was flying the original Mavic Pro, but since upgrading he’s caught the bug for larger sensors. Yeah, that means that the Inspire 2 is on his list for his next purchase.

On the commercial side of things, Tom is working with sports teams and fitness professionals. He works with rugby teams, rowing teams, and wants to get into shooting music videos. He’s also doing corporate work like real estate, but admits that he doesn’t like it as much as the other areas.

His editing workflow starts in Adobe Lightroom and then moves into Photoshop. He starts with camera calibrations, tone curves, white balance, and some other basic adjustments in Lightroom. Once in Photoshop, he adds and removes new things, creates atmosphere, moves subjects around, and then returns to Lightroom. Why back to LR? Well, you’ll have to listen in to get that detail!

One of Tom’s biggest tips is that you should always shoot at sunrise or sunset. He loves using the natural light, and creating large scale photos. How about you? Do you like shooting at sunrise or sunset? Do you find that in the summer sunrise is too early to catch, so you find that sunset is easier to make?

Ok I hope that you enjoyed this week’s chat with Tom Noske from Melbourne. As you can see from the photo above, and his instagram profile, he is creating some incredible art. Are you fired up to try and create something along the same lines as well? Show us what you’ve got! And if you liked the show, please share it with someone else who loves drones 🙂


Check out Tom’s work!


Thanks for listening!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s drone podcast with Cheyenne Laux! I had a great time discussing the advantages of precision agriculture with drone data, and I’ve come up with a few new business ideas for myself. If you liked it too, let us know below in the comments!

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