Industrial Drone Design with Bobby Watts - Drone Podcast 75

Bobby Watts - Drone Podcast

The Drone Trainer Podcast 075 – Bobby Watts

What do you do when you need a drone, but not from one of the worlds largest manufacturers? You go to a custom builder, that’s what! This week on the podcast I chat with Bobby Watts, a custom drone builder from the eastern United States!

Bobby Watts of Watts InnovationsBobby is the founder and CEO of Watts Innovations, based on Baltimore, Maryland. He’s been flying radio controlled helicopters and other aircraft since he was 15, and has now branched into building his own systems. He discovered that certain organizations needed homebuilt systems, that didn’t rely on commercially available systems. Part of the reason is for privacy, and the other is to allow for heavy payloads.

His part choices are ultimately up to the client, and he finds that the DJI A3 flight controller is the best in the world. Lately, government organizations have been requesting Pixhawk over DJI, however DJI still makes up about 99% of his builds. Why not DJI? Well, it appears there is still concern about the possibility of DJI spying or sending information back home.

Another topic that we discussed was getting locked out of flight by DJI. It’s important to check and follow through on the DJI unlocking page before heading out to your flight location. It’s definitely a brutal feeling when you drive all the way out to a location, and then find out your drone won’t let you take off. Yeah, that’s a real possibility even if you have authorization from the airport.

During our chat, we also focus a lot on mindset, and marketing techniques. One of Bobby’s mentors is Gary Vaynerchuk, who publishes a massive amount of content online. It seems like he’s hitting every platform hard, so wherever you’d like, just search his name and you’ll see what Bobby means about Gary. We dive even deeper into the facebook pixel, and other advertising and retargeting ideas as well. If you’re interested in advertising your drone business or changing your mindset, this is definitely the episode for you!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s chat with Bobby Watts, and learned a lot! If you’d like to be awesome(er), please share this episode with other drone pilots that you know and love, and I’ll love you right back!


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I imagine after listening to this, that you’re pumped and ready to go kill it with your drone business! Take all these tips, get some motivation from Gary Vee, utilize the Facebook pixel, and make it happen! I’d love to hear about your successes when you employ some of the drone marketing tips and tricks that Bobby discussed during this chat!

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