Droning in Hong Kong with Brandi Papania - Drone Podcast 77

Brandi Papania - Drone Podcast

Drone Podcast 077 – Brandi Papania

American drone pilot Brandi Papania is having a blast flying her drone in Hong Kong. Brandi is a copywriter by day, who enjoys flying around the tiny island at night. Let’s hear about what it’s like flying a drone in Hong Kong from Brandi!

Brandi Papania - Hong Kong Drone PilotBrandi Papania got into drones recently while watching her friend James fly his Mavic Pro. Loving what he was doing with drones, she decided to jump right in and picked up the Mavic 2 Pro! Not a bad choice for a first drone! And guess where she purchased it? Right at the DJI flagship store in Causeway Bay! She was able to test out the Mavic 2 Pro in the caged flying area, and walked out with the drone a few minutes later. Awesome!

She’s currently flying recreationally, however she’s honing her skills in hope of jumping into the commercial side of things when she returns to the USA. Once she’s back home in Ohio, she’s considering flying in real estate and a couple of other industries. Until then, she’s going to continue honing her flight skills, and work towards perfecting her work.

During our chat, I struggled to remember the name of the BBC drone pilot that I chatted with a few years ago. Tania, I apologize, and here is a link to make up for it!

Now back to Brandi, she’s going to be taking a 3 month vacation before returning to the USA later this year. She’s going to be travelling around the globe, and looks forward to researching all the drone laws in every country she visits. First up will be Tonga, French Polynesia, Australia, and Papua New Guinea, and I can’t wait to see her drone footage!

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