Safe Droning Australia with Shane Adamson - Drone Podcast 81

Shane Adamson - Drone Podcast

Drone Podcast 081 – Shane Adamson

Shane Adamson from Australia, has recently started Safe Droning Australia as well as a podcast to go with it. Here is his story…

Drone Pilot Shane AdamsonShane has been a licensed drone pilot for 18 months. Recently he identified that there was a need for drone specific safety equipment, and created Safe Droning Australia. Part of his offerings include high visibility vests, signage, barrier tape, first aid kits, fire blankets, and remote lanyards. His vests and signs are customized to say “Drone pilot, do not disturb” or to stay clear of the area.

In addition to his site, he’s also started a podcast where he chats with a range of guests from the Australian drone world! So far Shane has published 5 episodes, and I’ve enjoyed hearing his take on the drone industry and hearing from his unique guests. And the beauty of it all is that Shane has credited me with being the inspiration to start his own drone podcast! Well isn’t that awesome?!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this week’s joint podcast with Shane Adamson! If you like what you hear, head over to his show and download his episodes as well! 🙂


Check out Shane’s work!


Thanks for listening!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s chat with Shane Adamson from France and Australia! If you know of any other drone pilots that would like to hear this, we’d love you forever if you shared it with them!

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