Start Droning the Right Way with Marc Sandlhauser - Drone Podcast 83

Marc Sandlhauser - Drone Podcast

Drone Podcast 083 – Marc Sandlhauser

Delaware drone pilot Marc Sandlhauser is only three months into his drone business, and is already seeing some nice success! Listen in to hear about his pricing model, how he’s marketing, and a few other little tips he’s picked up along the way!

Drone Pilot Marc SandlhauserMarc Sandlhauser started Eye in the Sky Studios a few months ago, and has been working in construction, real estate, and events. His love for drones started off when he picked up a cheap drone on sale, and has since upgrade to the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. We often discuss Polarpro or Tiffen drone filters, but Marc has fallen in love with his Sandmarc filters. Somehow I think he selected those based on his name being in the business name… but in all seriousness, he says they are awesome and he loves flying with them on his M2P!

While flying construction sites, Marc concentrates on capturing progress shots of the entire site. He captures detail about the amount of land that has been moved, materials, action shots of the workers in the background, and a total overview of the project. During our chat, we discuss how mark plans and shoots, and even the option of using something like Litchi or Autopilot to repeat identical flight paths flight after flight.

Marc has come up with a very interesting pricing model. He has his base pricing, and then tiered volume discounts. Pricing is set from 1-9, 10-19, 20-29, and 30+ flights. So far his construction clients have been very receptive to this type of pricing model, and many members of my Drone Impact mastermind group have adopted it for themselves as well. If you’re interested in checking out our Monday mastermind meetings, just shoot me a message and I’ll invite you to the next meeting!


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