Drone Podcast 003 - Social Media Marketing with Ryan Musick

The Drone Trainer Podcast – Episode 3

Social Media Marketing with Ryan Musick

The Drone Trainer Podcast – Episode 3

Social Media Marketing with Ryan Musick

Welcome to the third episode of The Drone Trainer Podcast! In this episode, we’re going to hear from Ryan Musick from Louisiana, as he discusses his new commercial drone business and gives you some ideas as to how he heavily markets himself via social media!

Today’s Guest: Ryan Musick

Ryan is a new drone operator, establishing his business in Louisiana via a heavy social media presence. Ryan is leveraging Instagram to get his work out there, and believe it or not he’s marketing himself without a typical website! Listen in as Ryan discusses how he cold calls, creates up-sells, and does most of his video editing right on his phone!

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Episode Transcript

Chris 0:17
Hey everybody, how’s it going? Thanks for joining me today. I’ve got a great interview with Ryan Musick from Louisiana that I can’t wait to share with you. I don’t know why I said it that way. But his name being music in Louisiana just seemed like I had to anyway before we get to that, so want to say thanks for listening. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, make sure to do that now in iTunes or SoundCloud. And let’s get to today’s interview. All right, Ryan, welcome to the podcast. How’s it going?

Ryan Musick 0:45
Hi, Chris. I’m good, man. How are you doing today?

Chris 0:47
I’m doing pretty good. How’s it going in Louisiana today?

Ryan Musick 0:52
Oh, we’re getting our first little bit of a cool weather. know if most people know but it’s a it’s pretty hot and humid around here. Most of the Even through the winter months, but we’re first just starting to get a little bit of our first chilly weather leave so and change things like that, but uh it’s still pretty good. We’ve still got some warmer weather around so it’s not quite winter set in yet. That’s good.

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Chris 1:15
You guys get snow there. No.

Ryan Musick 1:17
Oh goodness. Very rare. We do it’s a if we do it people go crazy around here for snow. Do you think the sky is falling if it snowed here in one row?

Chris 1:29
Everything shuts down. I bet Hey,

Ryan Musick 1:30
there literally Yeah, people riding down the road on four wheelers. Yeah.

Chris 1:35
Can you just give yourself a quick introduction to our listeners here just they know kind of where you’re from and what you’re doing.

Ryan Musick 1:42
Okay, sure. Yeah. My name is Ryan Musick. I am a licensed and insured drone pilot and aerial photographer here in Monroe, Louisiana. And I just started actually, I’m still pretty new. New the industry got my windows seven and I’ve been flying for about a license for about little over four months now. But I’ve been flying drones for over a year. And I’ve been, you know, trying to get pretty good at it since then. But uh, I haven’t been in the industry relatively that long, but I’ve learned a ton since I have been in the industry. And since I’ve just decided to make a go of a, you know, creating a career out of it. Coming from a mobile job and business into this one. It’s a quite the jump and career change. But

Chris 2:31
what were you doing before you got into drones?

Ryan Musick 2:34
I was actually I’ve been a small business owner entrepreneur since I was about 13. I ran a lawn and landscaping business for 16 years. Okay. And, yeah, I’d go out from about 6am in the morning to daylight until five, six, you know, in the evening by myself cutting about eight to 10 yards a day. Yeah, five or six days a week. So I was doing that for 16 years just left that decided I want to start doing something that I love. You know, flying drones making videos doing aerial photography. And it’s just kind of it’s, it’s just now starting to grow. But I got a feeling it’s gonna evolve into so much more in the near future than what I’m doing now. I’m just starting to get my feet wet. But I know there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of other people out there that are just getting their feet wet, too. And it really, you know, need help and advice and kind of guidance. Sort of like I did at the very, very beginning, I had no clue would necessarily where to start in the very beginning.

Chris 3:37
Yeah, there’s definitely, especially with the the price points and in the way that technology is advancing. There’s a lot of people that are coming into the industry now. And it’s exciting to hear that you left your career of 16 years to try and fire this up as well. So it’s, yeah, it’s exciting. I’m excited for you. I hope I can I can kind of sense it in your voice as well to that you’re ready to go with this.

Ryan Musick 3:58
Yeah, I’m excited about Man, I’m Uh, I’m ready for a new chapter in life ready to do something new. And I mean, my vision of what the industry is going to be in the near future. It’s just gonna be a man. It’s gonna be huge. Maybe we’ll get into that later. But, yes, I mean, it’s going to be big time in the future, I just I can see the vision, I have a vision for what it could be. And I figured if I’m gonna go into something else other than what I was doing, it’s got to be something that I’m going to love to do. And that has huge potential for future growth.

Chris 4:29
Yeah, for sure. I think he’s picked the right industry for that. Are you? Are you working on your own? Or do you have a team that you’re going to work with?

Ryan Musick 4:35
I am on my own right now at the moment, but hopefully, I will have a team or at least a few other pilots working with me in the near future, or that’s probably the ultimate goal with the business is to get it built up to where I do have other pilots with me and I can offer my clients a lot more. A lot, a lot more services than just me, you know, and why I can do I’m only one person that can only be at one place at a time. But I hope to have you know some other palace with me soon in the near future.

Chris 5:07
Right on what what drones are you flying right now?

Ryan Musick 5:11
I flied the DJI Phantom for obsidian the Phantom 4 Pro, just normal white basic and the Inspire 1 raw.

Chris 5:22
Very nice. That’s a nice fleet.

Ryan Musick 5:24
Yeah the Phantom 4 was the first one ever I got I still love that drone the Phantom 4 Pro. It’s probably the best drone there is right now in the market as far as the video quality and the distance that you can fly without losing connection and the Inspire 1 it’s a really great drone too. But I probably wouldn’t recommend that to people first getting into the business and aerial photography. start out small and then maybe work your way up to something like that kind of like idea, but I’m Phantom 4 Pro definitely been I’d go with anybody just getting into them that has the money they can afford it. Definitely the Phantom 4 Pro it’s a it’s an amazing drone.

Chris 6:10
Love that. Yeah, I agree that’s, that’s pretty much our workhorse as well too. So how do you choose the Phantom 4 you mentioned the video quality is that kind of the main thing that led you to it?

Ryan Musick 6:20
Ah, how not to use it. I mean, I don’t know necessarily how I chose it other than I did a little research. Actually a good bit of research before I just went out and bought one I was just kind of looking around through YouTube and just basically Google searched on YouTube. You know, the best drones to get started with for beginners and it just pulls up you know, entire gallery of all the different things and you just go through there and find something that you feel like most be most appealing and work best for whatever situation you’re using it for. Then go with that one. Just do as much research as you can on it before you go out and buy one and you know, just I don’t know what you want to use it for, you know, what are going to be the uses of it?

Chris 7:05
Yeah, I agree that picking something that’s going to fit your use case is the best way to go. Because you can if you have, say unlimited funds and you want to buy the biggest and baddest drone you could find it might not be suitable for what you actually want to do with it. So if you want to fly in a tighter space or anything like that, right, so it’s, yeah, I agree. Do your research first and then pick, pick what’s appropriate for what you want to do?

Ryan Musick 7:26
Yeah, if you’re going to be traveling, you’re probably not going to want to pick the Inspire 2, you know, to travel with us, right? It’s a suitcase, basically. Okay. So you may want to go with something more like a maverick. So yeah, just know what you want to do with it. And you’ll be you’ll be a lot better off in the end with which drone you pick.

Chris 7:43
Yeah, for sure. What industries are you working in with your drone?

Ryan Musick 7:47
Right now, I’ve only done a handful of like actual jobs since I’ve been licensed as part 107. But I’m mostly working with social media. Marketing and small business social media ads. So basically, I’ll go to some of the small businesses around here. I’ll literally just drop in on them. I’ll have my phone in my back pocket with demo reels of my work. I’ll just basically, you know, hand them a business card, introduce myself, tell them who I am. And if they’re interested in seeing a little demo reel of what I can do, if they are I show it to them. And, you know, I’ve actually gotten a few jobs that way. Just literally drop dropping in on business owners. That’s mainly what I’m geared more towards right now. But I hope to get into our am getting in more into mapping. Okay, but as a very, very recently, the Drone Deploy, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Yeah. And there’s also one called a app called hangar 360. That will give you 360 panoramic shots. Yep. I just started gotten into and doing those that I can start offering a class two. So that’s going to be where the dress I go in the future. But for now, it’s just kind of starting out small more like research and development sort of stuff until I figure out what my true Nishi is. And that, you know, very specific area that I want to focus on. Till I figure that out. I’ll just, I’m going to stay with social media business ads.

Chris 9:20
I like to have you had success when you knock on someone’s door that you get the job right then and there, or do you find the book down the road?

Ryan Musick 9:27
No, I haven’t. I’ve done one, one where I’ve literally walked in the door, almost like a cold call. No, you just cold walk in one time. But I haven’t done that a whole lot. More of what I’m doing is social media. People will see me on social media, they’ll contact me and then I will, instead of usually just responding to them. Often times I’ll just go see them because I know who they are. And I’ve been you know, I’ve lived here my whole life. So I know where they’re at who they are, and I’ll just go see them instead of you know, calling texting, find the people really appreciate that more to feel take the time to you know say someone in person give them a handshake look them in the eye, you know you’ll get a lot better response

Chris 10:11
yeah little more personable that way. So yeah when when you when you create these videos or photos for them what kind of things are you doing like just showing off their storefront or what kind of work are you doing?

Ryan Musick 10:23
I have a whole entire book notebook of different sorts of angles and moves that I like to do with my, with my quads. So I’ll just basically I’ll visualize it before hand what I’m going to do what I want to do, and I’ll get all these different shots I need to get basically just fill up, you know, a whole SD card get more than enough, make sure I’ve got plenty and then just go back and piece it, you know, piece the video together into what I think’s nice and I’ll throw some pictures in there to some nice little aerial shots that you know they can use for whatever As far as my packages though, I do have packages that are offered to them. As far as my price points go. Basically what I do is go in and ask them what it is they want. If they don’t know that’s fine, I help them figure it out and just get an idea of what that one the length of the video or you know, number of pictures and then according to their location, how far they are things like that. I will give them a price based on what they want. Sort of like I’ll create a custom package form

Chris 11:36
so then you’re doing your billing then by the job rather than by the hour kind of thing, right?

Ryan Musick 11:40
Yes, by the job for sure. But as I get bigger jobs will probably start doing it by the day. Okay. I don’t I’m not sure where someone would want to do it by the hour. I guess it very specific to what job you’re doing. But I have heard of people doing it per hour but not nothing near me.

Chris 12:00
One thing I found with billing per hour is I’ve had a lot of clients that have they asked, What’s your hourly rate? I think that’s just kind of a standard question to ask, regardless of what industry you’re in. But I found that on the first couple jobs where I build by the hour, I had the client breathing down my neck to hurry up and get it done. And it just wasn’t like a good environment because I’m, I’m trying to concentrate on what I’m doing. And I’ve got the client, they’re saying, Okay, you got it good enough, good enough kind of thing. Like, out of here, you’re done. And we don’t, we don’t want to pay you anymore. Right? But if, if it was per job, then you can stay there as long as you want to get what you need, or stay there as little as you want. Once you know you’ve got what you need. And then you can get out of there, right?

Ryan Musick 12:37
Sure. Yeah. Don’t don’t, you know, cut yourself off, you know, and hold yourself to a one hour schedule. If you may need, you know, half an hour longer. Don’t Yeah, I would definitely do it about the job and even going out and if the job is in range, going out and looking at the job, just to see exactly what airspace you’re in what the obstacles are you know what you need to avoid you know how many other houses around you know with people you want to be careful and you know respectful of every other home or business you’re flying over near and in try to avoid that completely if you can, but that’s not always the case. So yeah.

Chris 13:23
How you What’s your usual pricing? Like? Like I know it’s it’s very unfair job but say what’s your what’s your average invoice

Ryan Musick 13:31
usually about a 62nd social media ad video for them. And I usually price those. I’ve been doing some for cheaper since I’m just getting started out, you know, and getting the word out in my area. But uh, I have those set at around 200 to 250 for a 62nd edited video, and that’ll come with, you know, titles and music and all the good stuff like that. That’s just the video that doesn’t include, you know, any longer than 60 seconds or any pictures or anything like that. All that will be additional add ons. But uh, you can go around and offer still picture packet prices for a pretty good deal to people and get some decent business from that. I’ve found. I’ve been getting a lot of interest about my steel package pricing lately and those basically for me, this is all, you know, personal preference and opinions from what I know. But I’ve started out at a five picture package for 125 and people really seem to think that that’s very affordable and doable. And I’ve sold several of those compared to the actual full paid videos.

Chris 14:53
You’re able to upsell people then after you get them in on the five pictures $125 Have you upgraded anybody to a video after that?

Ryan Musick 15:00
Yes, I have actually, that’s one of the social media ads I did was supposed to be only for pictures and then end up being videos and picture. Basically what I do you go out, tell them, you know, you’re going to do the pictures for them. And then just when you’re there, go ahead. And, you know, as long as it’s okay with them, get some extra video clips, you know, 1015 good clips, and then maybe throw it together in a short edited video, as you’re, you know, getting their picture package together. And, you know, offer to sell it to them. Say, Hey, you know, what, do you think I put this together while I was there? Also, if you’re interested, you know, here’s what it would be and go from there. So yeah, it’s definitely you can upsell yourself once you get out there doing the job. There’s some other things you can offer them.

Chris 15:48
That’s a great idea. Like while you’re since you’re there already, you may as well take you know, take the extra footage and then you can try it because I think I find sometimes if you describe what you want to do, they’ll just say no, but if you can, if You take it, it doesn’t take you too long to produce something extra at the end, and then try and show them or sell them that actual product, I find that a lot of people will bite on that.

Ryan Musick 16:10
Yes, they can actually see, like physically see the visual of what you’re trying to explain to them, they’re going to be a lot more likely to buy your product as as you know, instead of just explaining it to them with words. People are so visual, you know, they need to see things to believe it instead of just hearing it. So it may sound great all day long, telling them what I can do, but when I have it in my hand, and I’m showing it to them, it makes all the difference.

Chris 16:41
Yeah, I agree with that. What’s your favorite project so far?

Ryan Musick 16:46
Favorite project so far? Out of about the five paid ones I’ve done and not not considering the free ones. Probably a social media and an idea for a local outdoor equipment place. We have here actually a place that I did a lot of my, when I had my lawn and landscaping business. I did a lot of equipment repair and things like that. And I sell x Mark mowers and echo trimmers, you know, side by side hustler side by sides, I went out and made a video just for their side by sides out on our property, you know, with him driving around and made that look really cool and then made him a whole nother video of just up at his shop, you know, with all the mowers and trimmers and everything inside. That was a really fun got to be really creative on that one.

Chris 17:37
Cool. What did the client think of it?

Ryan Musick 17:39
Oh, they loved it. They were so excited about it before I even got it to them. Because I had seen some of my work that I’ve done before on Facebook and we’re really excited about it. So they’re very happy.

Chris 17:53
You mentioned hangar 360 is that you’re outside of say DJI Go 4 Would that or do you have any other favorite piece of software?

Ryan Musick 18:05
Yeah, the hanger 360 is I’m still pretty new to it. But Adobe Lightroom I love to edit they’re still learning it but it’s a great place to edit especially if you really want to take your photos to the next level. You know set them apart from other people. Adobe Lightroom Final Cut Pro for editing the videos if I’m not editing in the DJI Go app. But I do almost all my editing within the app because it’s so it makes it so easy for me and convenient and I can do it all from my phone without even having to have a laptop. And I can do it in a you know, less than half the time that I can will Final Cut Pro. So I do most of mine in the app but Final Cut Pro and Adobe Lightroom are two huge ones that are definitely recommend for anybody that wants to get into it. I movie also Really good for beginners. If you don’t know anything about Final Cut Pro and you need to learn a little bit about what it’s about before you, you know, buy it, I would go with iMovie and there’s a few that you can buy for your apps you can get for the fall into like Snapseed that’s a good mobile editing software is actually one of the first ones I used to start out on Instagram with Snapseed and then transition to Lightroom. So yeah, Snapseed Final Cut Pro Adobe Lightroom those would be the three main ones I would look into for anyone that’s just got into the drone business or industry or just pausing for fun even

Chris 19:39
right on I have a question with the editing straight into the detail straight from the DJI Go 4 up, not having done it myself. So this might be this is coming from pure ignorance, but I what I understand is that when your phone or your tablet source of data, it’s only storing it in 720 P. So when you edit, are you editing that 720 or does it pull the data from the SD card somehow? It’s the Yes, the full quality 1080 or 4k footage in there for you to edit?

Ryan Musick 20:05
Yes, that is correct. If you’re if I’m going editing just straight from the catch data or video that came from the drawing onto the phone, then yes, that is just your 720. So in order to give the actual 1080 or 4k footage that would need to come directly off of the SD, and, you know, onto your laptop. So yeah, you will get a little bit you’re going to get better quality if you go from your SD onto your laptop and then edit that way. So yeah, that will probably the best, best way for the best quality.

Chris 20:41
Okay, gotcha. Still a neat idea, though to be able to edit right there in the field. If you don’t need your 4k or 1080 footage if you can get away with like a quick social media snippet, especially at 720. If you can edit it right there on your phone like that’s, that’d be a huge time.

Ryan Musick 20:55
Yeah, and especially if you wanted to show it to a client even before you left the job. You know, while you’re out there and you’re fresh in their mind with the still photo package you’re doing for them and then hey, oh by the way, I got these shots in these videos while I was out here to throw them together and a quick edit just as an example would you be interested and then just show them the footage

Chris 21:20
I think that’s that’s a great idea I haven’t I haven’t done any kind of that social media specific work but that’s a that’s a great idea and I think it’s something I might give a try to now that the winters here and you know, things would be slowing down a little bit. Yeah, man. Sorry.

Ryan Musick 21:37
I was just gonna say Yeah, get out there and network man. It’s been one of my biggest benefits is social media and networking, my business and contacts through there. As you know, you met you we found each other through Instagram. So, you know, I’m on Instagram a few hours a day, you know, networking and you know, looking at other things. People’s things, trying to find new people to connect with, sort of like we’re connecting right now. And then I get to help other people along the way too. So it’s really important to get out there and do your networking. I mean, that’s literally half of the job is just your networking and ability to be able to communicate with other people. Because if you can’t go out there and talk to other people or cold call, or walk up to a stranger and give them a business card, then you might want to think twice about coming into this business, because you got to be able to do those things. Especially when times are, you know, tough or hard. You have to get out there and try those things.

Chris 22:36
Yeah, for sure. Do you see you mentioned the social media and you know, and working your network and stuff like that? If you here’s a two part question I’m gonna throw at you if you had to start again in a new city, or a new country. Oh, what would you do? Would you try and leverage your social media network again, or what would you try?

Ryan Musick 22:55
Yeah, definitely the social media Cuz you gotta think social media is worldwide. Okay? There’s 1.23 billion active users daily on social media. So if I can leverage the power of all of the people that are active on this platform daily, and I know exactly what my target audience is, their age, what they look like, you know what their interests are, and I can target my ads and my business towards only those people. That is incredibly powerful. And I’m weeding out all the people that I don’t want to see it that aren’t going to be interested. For example, radio and TV. Those are good places to advertise, but you’re hitting a ton of people that could care less or aren’t going to hear your you know, what you have to offer. But with social media, you can you can get so specific about who you want to see it and you know, that person Almost 100% fact is going to be on that website at some point during the day. And then you can even further target them by trying to figure out you know, when is the best time or the most likely time they’re going to be on that media platform, and then schedule your post to post during those times. So yeah, social media will be the absolute number one thing I would do before anything else, if I ever got started somewhere new, you’re obviously going to have to go out and meet new people in those areas. Before you can start, you know, gathering a big social media following wherever you’re at. But yeah, it’s just it’s so big for sure that recommend that to anybody. You got to be on social media. I mean, it’s just really the future of advertising. I don’t even know if TV and radio advertising will be around in the future. It may not exist. So yeah, definitely get on social media and start putting yourself out there like daily, you put yourself out in front of people on a consistent basis, they’re going to see you, they’re going to notice you. And eventually you’re gonna start getting some calls. And that’s when you start to build momentum.

Chris 25:12
Before I get into part two of this question, have you used paid advertising on either Instagram or Facebook?

Ryan Musick 25:18
I have not yet, but I will. And I’m getting ready to soon. I’ve just been trying to learn more about it, and about how to get more specific on my targeting before I went and you know, started spending a lot of money on it. But yes, I would also recommend that to people, it is very effective. I know people who have used it and used it very successfully. So it’s definitely a very good use of your money. If you want to advertise and in my opinion, is the best place on the internet to advertise is Facebook.

Chris 25:53
I find that the targeting can’t be beat with that, like you mentioned radio and TV and it just it’s a big blast out to everybody and people who You might not care, right? But when, with the amount of targeting and how refined you can create your ads within Facebook and Instagram and have the to work together, actually, if you create an ad within Facebook, you can show it on Instagram as well. It just can’t, it can’t be beat like you’re paying, rather than paying thousands of dollars for a blast, or maybe you’ll get somebody’s attention that is in your market, you can be very specific, and you might end up paying $1 $2 per interaction with that person. But if they’re in your market, you could turn that $1 into $350 job or whatever. Like that’s a very good dollar spent.

Ryan Musick 26:37
Yeah, and that client or person is going to be you know, warm, you know, it’s someone who is possibly interested in your product. And you know, that’s who you’re placing your ad in front of. So you’re just so much more likely to get a response or you know, a click into your website, from those born buyers that you place yourself in front of.

Chris 26:57
For sure. The part to that question is You had to start all over again somewhere else. Is there anything you would do differently compared to what you’ve done already?

Ryan Musick 27:05
Yeah, I would do it a little bit differently actually wouldn’t recommend to anyone coming into the industry the way that I did. I just happened to be at a point in my life where I wanted something different and was willing to do whatever it took to do it and have an incredible amount of faith in myself that I would be able to make it work. But what I would recommend if it was starting over new and I could redo it, I would definitely do more research, looking into what niche I wanted to go into as far as filming or aerial photography, or whatever you so the drone you wanted to use it for. I would, you know, refined more, more in depth of what I wanted to do specifically. Because, I mean, you really need to find a niche at some point. If you don’t have one, that’s okay. Because you can do so many things with the drones. But the more specific you are in your niche, the more you specialize in it. The better you become at it, you know, to get you just you’re going to be so much better at it because you specialize in it. So definitely I was I would have found a niche I would have, I would have gone, I would have made more contacts, I would have made a lot more business contacts, and got a lot more advice from other people that were just starting off in the industry to and basically just ask them what you asked me you know, hey, what would you do differently if you could go back and do it again and just get their advice and take on it and I would do that from multiple different people. And then just kind of go back, put it with my my own opinions and say okay, you know, what do I want to do now which direction do I want to go? So definitely have found out just more about the whole industry in general. You know, any and everything you can go on YouTube, and start, you know, YouTubing best, best jobs for flying with drones. Best uses for the drone, anything of that nature. And you’ll you’ll just come across all sorts of stuff that you’ll be like, Wow, I didn’t know this was out there.

Chris 29:10
Yes. I agree that they say like, depends on how you say the word. It’s either nice or niche. Right. But the riches are in the niches if you want to say it that way, right? Yeah, yeah. If you really find yourself you can, you can do very well, rather than being a jack of all trades.

Ryan Musick 29:25
Right? Yeah, for sure. And when you’re starting out in the beginning, it may be best to offer, you know, doing them with using the drones for whatever. I wouldn’t necessarily turn down any job. I’ll put it that way. Yeah, even though I don’t like real estate, and I don’t want to go anywhere near real estate. If the right opportunity presented itself, I probably would not say no, because you never know what that job is going to lead to, or what that connection with that person is going to lead to in the future. I mean, you never know that. Let’s say your nation. You know, over the water flying filming boats, well, that person that I took the real estate job with that I didn’t really want to take. Well, it’s actually a good thing. I ended up taking it because he has a brother in law who owns a boat dealership. And now I get to go and try to sell myself to making a video for the guy’s brother in law. Yeah, so don’t necessarily ever turn anything down. Think of it as an opportunity to learn to grow, and to just better yourself in every way and then get just get experience under your belt at the same time. Because that’s really the way you’re going to get the most experiences just to go out and do the work. Even if it’s work you don’t necessarily want to do it’s still experience and you’re learning and growing from it. So get out there and fly every single time you have an opportunity if you do.

Chris 30:50
Yeah, that’s some excellent advice, Ryan. I I like looking back on my own experience. I think that’s that’s the way that I took it as well to start with just do anything and everything that I could have the start. And then I slowly started whittling things down. And like you mentioned to like the one job that you might not be too interested in could lead to, you know, a lot of other things coming. And I’ve seen that in my own business, my commercial business. So it. Yeah, that’s some very good advice that I think a lot of people will be able to take into action. So I’d like to Yeah, thank you for being on the show. Where can people find you online? What’s your website, your social media channels and everything?

Ryan Musick 31:26
Actually, don’t don’t have a website yet. I don’t have a website yet. I’ve only been in the I’ve only been licensed through part 107 and doing this commercially for about four and a half months now. Okay, but I’m on a very limited budget. So that’s kind of why I don’t have the website yet. I use my social media platforms as my website here and since it’s free, and it works so well. I mean, in my opinion, I know people that have websites that are doing about the same amount of business as I am, and I’m only using social media exclusively nothing else, and word of mouth. So I do almost everything there but you can find me on Instagram. It’s at Ryan music three, or YA in, in US IC K. And you can also find me on Facebook, my first and last name Ryan music. And also my business name on Facebook is drone escapes imagery can find me there too or even on YouTube don’t want to forget about that one either. That one is also Ryan music. So the only name is different than my actual name is the Facebook business page drone escapes imagery. So definitely go there and check me out but uh, if you really want to get in touch with me quick, quicker than the other places if you have a ever need to come for any advice or just to you know, get to know who I am. Definitely go for Instagram. I’m on there pretty regularly.

Chris 32:54
Yeah, your Instagram feed is quite active and that’s like you said earlier that’s how we first connected so yeah, I’d I’d recommend people check your Instagram feed as well to just for just see your work and then get some ideas as to, you know, if they need, you know, some creative ideas or want to, you know, ask you a question about how you did something, I think that’d be a great, great thing for people.

Ryan Musick 33:14
And people can see how I started to, I mean, you can literally scroll down through my Instagram feed and see that it hasn’t always been drones. So you can go through there and look and say, okay, when he started, let’s see how he started, what he did, how he improved, and what he’s learned since he started sort of thing. So you can see a guy’s Instagram account, you know, this just got into the business. And, you know, take some tips, advice or whatever from it.

Chris 33:43
Is that an Instagram notification I just heard or is that something else?

Ryan Musick 33:46
Yeah, yeah, that’s my that’s my other phone.

Chris 33:51
I recognize that sound from ours as well, too.

Ryan Musick 33:53
Yeah, I get I get a lot of penguins.

Chris 33:57
Alright, cool, Ryan. Well, thanks a lot for that. That was a great chat and We learned, learned a lot about what your business is doing, how you’re doing, and lots of tips for people that are just starting out or people are looking for a new direction on how to get some more business going. So thanks again and enjoy the rest of your hopefully it’s a day off today. Today’s being a stout holiday.

Ryan Musick 34:17
No, I’m actually physically got into the field right when we get off the phone and go,

Chris 34:21
even take a day off for yourself.

Ryan Musick 34:22
Now, getting ready to go do a few 360 panel pics to sin to sum up possible clots. So yeah, more work to be done.

Chris 34:32
For the entrepreneur, right?

Ryan Musick 34:34
I know, especially when you’re starting a small business, it’s 24 hours a day. But yes, thank you so much for having me, man. I really appreciate it getting to share some of that and I hope that this will be helpful to anyone just starting out in the industry, you know, that has little loss or needs guidance. Hopefully this will be helpful to them. And maybe we can even do another one again in the future.

Chris 34:53
Yeah, sounds good. Once you get a little get established and have some new tricks that you would like to share then Yeah, that’d be awesome. So yeah. Thanks again. And hopefully we’ll be chatting soon.

Ryan Musick 35:03
All right, Chris. Thank you, man. Appreciate it. Have a good one.

Chris 35:06
Wow, that was a great interview with Ryan. He Brian’s obviously fairly new to the drone business, but he’s got a lot of great ideas and he is out there hustling and making it happen. So hopefully, that was a value to you. If you got somebody that you’d like to have on the show, or if you want to be on the show yourself, just like Ryan was, head over to The Drone trainer.com and use the contact form there and I’ll get in touch with either you or the person you want to have on the show. Well, that wraps things up for this week. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next and upcoming episodes. And until then, keep the spinny side up and keep on flying.