Drone Podcast 95 - DroneUp CEO Tom Walker - The Drone Trainer

Drone Podcast 95 – DroneUp CEO Tom Walker

Prior to entering the drone industry, Tom Walker was in the military as a nuclear engineer. Since leaving the military, he has founded DroneUp, an end-to-end aerial data collection drone service.

DroneUp CEO Tom Walker

After hearing Tom’s keynote at InterDrone 2019, I knew he was someone that I wanted to chat with. During his keynote, he specifically mentioned a company that is pretending to make money. Pretending so hard, that they’re privately admitting to making nothing while publicly claiming they are in order to continue to seek investment funding.

Two of my favourite quotes form his keynote are:

“Stop acting like drone people who are trying to build a business, and start acting like business people who are trying to build an industry.

“Never waste your time telling someone how you’re better. Tell them how you’re different. Let them decide if it’s better.”

Once you’ve had a chance to listen to our 30 minute chat on the podcast, be sure to check out his keynote right here. I know you’re going to enjoy both of them immensely.

Connect with Tom…

Tom can be found at DroneUp as well as on LinkedIn.

Thanks for listening!

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