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Free Drone Logbook

Free Drone Logbook for Excel & Numbers

Maintaining a drone flight log book is one of the most important things a drone pilot must do. You’re going to be so busy that you won’t remember details about your flight, so start logging each and every flight now!

We’ve created both Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers versions for you. Check out the instructional video to learn how to use your new logbook, and click below to download it for free!

Download Now:

We’ve been using and tweaking this log book and system for the last few years, and highly recommend it for drone pilots of any experience level. Also, we’re constantly working on improving this log book and will provide you with seamless updates as we roll them out. Download now and start properly logging your drone flights!

What’s included in the free drone logbook?

  1. Logging for 6 years – don’t worry, we’ll add more as you need it!
  2. Tracking and logging for up to 10 drones
  3. Battery charge, usage history, and multi battery flights
  4. Date and time logging for each flight
  5. Specific location tracking via GPS coordinates or physical street addresses
  6. Flight details
  7. Flight time for each individual flight, drone, and timespan!
  8. Airspace logging
  9. Maintenance logging


“Thank you for the numbers flight log. I got my batteries labeled and ready… Such a useful tool you made! Thanks for sharing!” – Brandon

“Before I found your logbook, I only had one that was made up just to keep track of flight times, the drone that was flown, etc., but nothing like the detail your logbook has. I’m impressed!” – Paul L

“Hi, Chris – thank you so much for the drone flight logbook! I am new to drones and went back through my DJIGo4 app account to fill in my flights.” – Tricia

“Thanks for taking the time to create the drone Logbook! It is very well designed and has definitely saved me a lot of time.”  – Malcom C

“Again, thank you for your work Chris, I’m sure I will be using your drone logbook for years to come.” – Adam

Sample Logbook – Overall Flight Stats

Free Drone Logbook - Overall Flight Stats

Sample Logbook – Individual Flight Entries

Free Drone Logbook - Entry Table

Download the Free Drone Logbook now!

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