How far away can you safely fly your drone? - The Drone Trainer

Today we answer a common question that is asked of all drone pilots, “How far away can you safely fly your drone?” Check out the video to see us answer this one with a real world drone flight test, that we’ve logged in our free drone flight log book!

How far away can you safely fly your drone? The Drone Trainer

I know with FPV devices you can see what your drone’s camera sees for extreme distances, but what you lose out on is your peripheral vision. Without any peripheral vision, you’re chances of crashing increase immensely, so we always need to keep our drones within visual line of sight.

In the video above you can see that I push the drone way out there, and max out my visual observation at approximately 1875 feet or 571 meters. At that distance, the DJI Phantom 3 Pro was nothing more than a speck on the horizon, so I wouldn’t want to fly it any farther away than that. A comfortable distance for me is usually up to 500′ away as I can clearly see the drone, and see any obstacles that are around it. How you fly is up to you, but I recommend that you stick within the 300-500′ or 91-152 meter distance.

There you have it! 1875′ is the farthest you can fly your phantom sized drone away and still be able to see it. I hope that you enjoyed the training video, and if you have more questions be sure to ask and we’ll answer them for you in a video like this! See you next week!

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