How to unlock the full potential of your DJI drone!

Unlock DJI drones with No Limit Dronez

Yes, our DJI drones are very powerfull machines, however there are some that want to increase the capabilities of their drones. Almost all of DJI’s drones come with limitations on speed, altitude, acceleration, etc, but there is a new service that you can use to unlock the full potential of your DJI drone.

DISCLAIMER: Before I get into the details of what you can have modified on your drone, I want to make it clear that you are doing so at your own risk. What the service is providing to you isn’t risky, it’s what you choose to do with the new power once it’s in yor hands. My recommendation is to always operate within the law, and don’t do anything dangerous, stupid, or illegal.

Now without further delay, I’d like to introduce you to No Limit Dronez (NLD). NLD has created a piece of software called the NLD MOD Client, which allows you to access a variety of settings on your drone including the following:

  • Remove Altitude Limit
  • Force FCC Mode
  • Speed Boost
  • Modify Flight Controller
  • Mavic flight modes on Spark
  • Spark WiFi channel selection
  • Offline Mode
  • Unlock Grounded Bird
  • Firmware Flashing

And more!

What do these tweaks look like?

Unlock DJI drones with NLD

Here is a screen capture from a connected DJI Spark, allowing you to modify a variety of performance settings. You can also enable and disable wind warnings etc on the right hand side of the screen. This is very user friendly and an easy way to up the performance of your DJI drone!

Downgrade your DJI Drone Firmware

This software also allows you to downgrade your firmware as well, instead of just limiting you to what DJI shows in DJI Assistant 2. Just looking at the DJI Mavic Pro for example, we could switch between firmware V01.03.0200 all the way up to V01.04.0200.

Supported DJI Drones

Currently you can utilize the NLD MOD with the Mavic Pro, Spark, Inspire 2, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Advanced, and Phantom 4 Pro.

How much does this cost?

You’d think that you might be paying an absolute tonne for a service such as this, but they’ve kept pricing very reasonable at only $34.99. This is a no brainer if your drone is grounded, too slow, or just not performing the way you want it to.

How can they do this?

The group over at No Limit Dronez isn’t adding anything special to your drone, they’re just allowing you access to things that DJI hides from you. These parameters and functions are already in the drone, just hidden from normal user view. The community over the last 12-18 months has effectively reverse engineered DJI Assistant 2 to dis out all the juicy bits. NLD just wraps that up in a nice safe GUI for people to use quickly and safely.


  1. Would love to hear when the P4P V2.0 is available. Also you price this at $24.99 but when you go to buy its $34.99 . Don’t mind the extra just chach the pricing on this page.

  2. You would sell 10 times more at $4.99
    (That’s the same revenue as if you sold at $49.99)

    There are a million Mavic Pros sold.
    (1,000,000 x $4.99 = … )

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