The Drone Trainer Pro: Training, Mastermind, Community & Accountability!

The Drone Trainer Pro
Support and strategy-focused program for drone pilots who are ready to make the jump from sporadic revenue to scalable and consistent growth.

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The Drone Trainer Pro
Support and strategy-focused program for drone pilots who are ready to make the jump from sporadic revenue to scalable and consistent growth.

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Introducing The Drone Trainer Pro, a totally new way to grow your drone business!

Even if… you’re brand new to drones

Even if… you’ve well established and don’t think you can learn anymore

Even if… you’re overwhelmed with no idea where to start

And yes, especially if you want to increase your income and jump from sporadic revenue to scalable and consistent growth.

Avoid another year of work with nothing to show for it. It’s time to create your own profitable drone business so you can do what you want, when you want.

Only found in The Drone Trainer Pro:

The Drone Trainer Pro Platform
We are a thriving network, where members provide genuine support and encouragement to each other in our private community forum. Whether you want to get help with something you’re stuck with, have a question you’d like to ask, or simply want to brag about your successes, this is the place for you. And yes, Chris is in there answering questions and cheering you on! Best part? It’s a stand alone forum that’s not on Facebook!
The Drone Trainer Course Access
Rather than paying $199 for an individual course, as a TDT Pro member you’ll have access to all of our present and future courses for no additional cost!
Live and On-Demand Drone Training
In addition to Chris and Nobue’s courses, our members put on live trainings to share their expertise with the group. These trainings are available both live and on-demand via our growing library of recordings.
Monthly Drone Challenges
One of the best ways to improve your skills, grow your business, and make more money is by challenging yourself. Not only will you be rewarded with upgraded skills, abilities, and financial opportunity, but we also be give away a gift card to the winner of the monthly challenge! We have a different challenge every month, so there will be plenty of opportunity to compete and win!
Weekly Mastermind Meetings
Every Monday, join us as we host online Drone Mastermind meetings*. A weekly agenda followed by Q&A, industry discussion, and face to face discussions with like-minded drone pilots from around the globe. Yes, we were zooming before zooming became cool. * Meetings are held at friendly times for time zones across the globe!
Access to Mastermind Meeting Recordings
If you miss a meeting, or want to review some of the content that we discussed, no problem! You’ll have full access to the massive archive of video, audio, and chat transcripts!

Meet Some of our Awesome Members

We are a truly international community!

Our members are working in a variety of industries including, real estate, construction, mapping, 3D modelling, public safety, inspections, lidar, volumetrics, and more!

Take a Peek Inside TDT Pro:

Our international drone community resides within the powerful TDT Pro platform. Within the community, you’ll find our forums, training sessions, courses, mastermind recordings, and more. Here is a quick breakdown of all the awesome!

Community Spaces!

The Drone Trainer Pro Space ListingOur organized and well thought out community spaces are where our international community thrives! Dead simple to navigate, you’ll find that you’ll save time by quickly landing on the solution you’re looking for, rather than trying to sort through the clutter of a crappy Facebook group!

Some of the space highlights include:

Monthly Challenge
We hold bimonthly drone challenges, where you’ll be rewarded with upgraded skills, abilities, and financial opportunity! The winner of the monthly challenge is awarded a $50 gift card to their drone related retailer of choice!

Mastermind Recordings
All of the meeting recordings and agenda topics are stored in one easily navigable place. Even if you’re not able to attend the meetings in person, you can view or download the video and audio recordings to view on your time. Our massive repository goes all the way back to early 2019!

Training Sessions
Our members are creating awesome live training sessions to share their expertise with the group! These training sessions are available both live and on-demand via this growing library of recordings.

All of our community submitted resources, including contracts, waivers, member produced manuals, books, podcasts, and more are right here.

Awesome Drone Courses!

TDT Mapping 101 - 1TDT Mapping 101 - 7REDT - Module 1

All of our current and future drone courses live here. Immediately dive into our wildly popular Real Estate Drone Training and Drone Mapping 101 courses, as well as all of our future high quality drone courses.

Powerful Search!

The Drone Trainer Pro - Search Function

The search capabilities are amazing! We can now search through all of the content within the spaces, including all of the mastermind topics and more. As you can see from the quick search example here, Litchi brings up items across a wide range of spaces!

Easily find what you’re looking for, instead of trying to make sense of the usual Facebook style clutter!

This is the community that grows with you!
You suggest it, and we implement it. Easy!

You’re an action taker, so let’s go!

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