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Real Estate Drone Training

Real Estate Drone Training
Quickly Master the Art of Drones in Real Estate!

Real Estate Drone Training Course

If you’re looking to create awesome real estate videos with your drone, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a training course showing our EXACT method that we use on every real estate drone shoot that we do. You’ll get to watch and learn as Chris takes you from A to B, teaching you his entire real estate drone process!

Not only will you get to watch as Chris flies and shoots an entire real estate listing, you’ll also get to download the video files shot with the drone, and follow along during the editing process!

You’ll have instant access to the 6 part course and download materials, and can get started mastering the art of drones in real estate immediately!

Course Content

In just under 3 hours, you’ll become a master of flying and shooting real estate listings with your drone. In addition to the 6 modules below, you’ll also get to download the entire video set that we used to create the video, and lifetime access to all the training!

REDT - Module 1

Module 1: Site Survey & The House

In module 1, we’re going to start off with our site survey. We’ll walk the property looking for any obstructions such as trees, power lines, poles, animals, etc, and once we’re finished the walk around, we will start shooting close ups of the front and back of the house.

REDT - Module 2

Module 2: Outbuildings

In module 2, we’re going to continue flying and filming the property, concentrating on the outbuildings and how they are positioned in relation to the house.

REDT - Module 3

Module 3: The Land & Surrounding Area

In module 3, we’re going to continue flying and filming the property, concentrating on the land and the surrounding features such as the river and nearby school.

REDT - Module 4

Module 4: Data Management & Clip Selection

In module 4, we’re going to copy the data off our drone’s memory card onto the computer, and begin selecting the usable clips from our captured footage.

REDT - Module 5

Module 5: Video Cuts & Music Selection

In module 5, we’re going to cut down the length of the video by cutting entire clips and trimming existing ones down to a manageable size. Once we have it cut down, we’re going to select some appropriate music.

REDT - Module 6

Module 6: Clip Order, Color Correction & YouTube

In module 6, we’re going to adjust the clip order, apply some color correction, and then export our finished video for online viewing!

This is what you’ll learn how to create!

What our students are saying

Just want to start out by saying the real estate course you provide is worth its weight in gold. No kidding! The steps you took to show how it is done is great. You really did a fantastic job. I can’t say enough but to let you know I truly appreciate your insight to the real estate drone business. If anyone is looking for a course in real estate for drones this is where the buck stops. I would definitely tell them what are you waiting for. GO FOR IT NOW!! – Doug

I have been wanting to learn how to do real estate videos for some time. I watched Chris’ Real Estate Drone Training course and I was blown away. This by far has been one of the best training courses on the subject. I learned so much from Chris’ hands on, step by step approach. My drone real estate videos will now be on a whole new professional level. Thank you so much. – Eric

Testimonials from our Realtors

“This is the best real estate video that I’ve ever seen!”

“You are an excellent pilot! Wow, my clients are going to be over the moon! It’s amazing! Well done!”

“Chris, we are very impressed with the video. Fabulous job! I have already passed your name on to my colleagues. Worth every penny!”

“Just wanted to send you a huge thank you!!! I’m so happy with how everything turned out. I think the customers watching these videos are going to be so impressed as this is pushing my advertising to another level. I will pass your name on to anyone who asks how I managed this. Thanks again!”

Who is this course for?

Realtors: You bought a drone to help promote your listings, but now what?

New Drone Pilots: Save yourself the months and hours of painful trial and error, and learn from us!

Current Drone Pilots: Not producing something that works? We’ll show you how to create something that does!

Our Competition: There is no doubt that the competition wants to know how we create these works of art!

Anyone! If you’re looking to create stunning quality results, we’ll show you how!

Who are we to teach you?

We’re not just a training school, we’re a full time drone operation that is actively working in real estate! We’ve been in the drone industry for over 4 years, and have hundreds of commercial flight hours that have perfected our skills. We’re industry professionals that will teach you exactly how its done, and you’ll be making money shooting and creating real estate drone videos in no time!

Ready to start mastermind your drone in real estate?

If you’re ready to start mastering your drone and it’s application in real estate, then let’s begin! This course was designed for you, and there is no better way to quickly get from A to B, and start making awesome real estate drone videos that will make you money! If you have any questions before we start, be sure to let us know, but otherwise let’s begin!