Schedudrone Demo - Simplifying your drone client interactions

I’d like to introduce you to a new service called Schedudrone. Schedudrone is the easiest way to manage interactions with your drone service clients, as it allows your clients to give exact locations and sizes of their proposed jobs. Check out the video above to see exactly what I’m talking about, and when you’re ready to jump in I have a lifetime 25% off discount code for you! Just use code tdt25 at checkout and you’ll be set!

Schedudrone Area Selection

Schedudrone Demo - Area SelectionThe thing that I love about Schedudrone is the area selection tool. I’ve had so many clients in the past that have requested drone services in an area, but they weren’t able to provide the exact area or even describe the area to me other than how many turns to make to get there. You can see how this can be problematic!

In the demo I show you what it would look like if a client was requesting drone mapping work, but you can customize it for basically any drone service that you provide!

Now with Schedudrone, I can send my clients a link, where they can easily identify the exact area that they require drone services, by making a few clicks on a map. This not only allows me to see where the exact location is, but it also allows me to see the total size of the area and plan my flight accordingly! This is a huge time saver, and allows you to get a solid understanding of the proposed job before you even leave the office!

Schedudrone Job Dashboard

Schedudrone Demo - Job Dashboard

Another of my favourite features is the job dashboard. Once one of your clients submits a job, you’ll see the information pop up including their contact information and a description of the job. The killer feature of this is that it shows you the total size of the job in acres, so there isn’t any guessing just by looking at the map! Why guess that it looks like a few hundred acres, when you can have Schedudrone show you that it’s exactly 2101.2 acres in size?

Give me a deal!

Schedudrone was kind enough to extend a 25% off discount for everyone over here at The Drone Trainer. All you need to do is head over to Schedudrone via this link, and then enter coupon code tdt25 at checkout to take advantage of this excellent offer!

I’ve been using Schedudrone for the past few months during the beta, and really love the simplicity. Clients can easily get their areas identified, and it makes life on both me and my clients much easier. You should be doing the same! 😎

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