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Adelaide Drone Pilot Steve Adcock

Drone Podcast - Steve Adcock

The Drone Trainer Podcast 070 - Steve Adcock

Steve Adcock is a drone pilot from Adelaide, in South Australia. Actually, he's not right in Adelaide, but he's 30km to the east. Regardless, he's flying all over the area, and is having a blast with his drone business. He's currently flying a variety of drones, including several DJI drones from the Spark all the way up to the Inspire 2. He thinks that he's had 13 drones so far, with 3 of them being written off. Good ratio I guess? haha Read More

The Drone Trainer Podcast 033 – Benjamin Holmes

The Drone Trainer Podcast - Benjamin Holmes

The Drone Trainer Podcast 033 - Benjamin Holmes

Welcome to episode 33 of The Drone Trainer Podcast! This week we're going to hear from Benjamin Holmes, an Australian drone pilot from Adelaide! Benjamin is working in a variety of industries including real estate, and is looking to branch into mapping and modelling. Check this episode out and subscribe on iTunes or Google Play so that you don't miss this or any of the future podcast episodes! Read More