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The Drone Trainer Podcast 001 – Chris Anderson

The Drone Trainer Podcast 001 - Chris Anderson

The Drone Trainer Podcast 001 - Chris Anderson

Welcome to The Drone Trainer Podcast! Wow are we ever excited to be bringing you our brand new weekly podcast, featuring interviews with other likeminded drone pilots around the world! As the episodes go forward, Chris will be interviewing drone pilots in a variety of stages of their business, to try and learn their tips and tricks to help make you a better drone pilot and commercial operator! If you haven't done so already, now would be a great time to subscribe to the show! Read More

How to Pass Your FAA Part 107 Exam

How to pass your FAA Part 107 exam If you're preparing to take your FAA Part 107 remote pilot exam, you may be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information out there. Where do you even start to study? There are some free resources direct from the FAA, however navigating them to determine exactly what is going to be on the text is quite difficult. Alternatively, and what I recommend above everything else is to invest in a professional training course to pass your FAA Part 107 exam. Read More

Is DJI spying on you?

Is DJI Spying on you? - DJI Go 4 We are huge fans of DJI and their drones, however there has been discussion lately about secure they are, and if DJI is spying on you. There is no doubt that DJI is a massive data collection machine, obtaining data and imagery from angles that weren't possible before, but what are the doing with all of this? Is DJI simply keeping logs of all of this information, or are they hoarding it all for an evil purpose? The US Army just made recommendation to remove all DJI drones from service, so with that major announcement, let's dig into this more and see what DJI is really gathering from us, and come to a conclusion about DJI spying on us. Read More

How to Attach Drone Propellers

If your drone propellers aren't attached properly, you're not going to have a good flight! There are a couple of different kinds of drone props out there, and I'm going to show you how to attach both self tightening and twist-lock style propellers. Read More