TDT Pro October Challenge - Landscape Photography

The Drone Trainer Pro Drone Challenge for October 2020 was “Landscape Photography”

Please help us select the winner of the $50 gift card by voting for your favorite landscape photo below.

Polling is open until Sunday November 15, 2020, so vote now and share this with your friends 🙂

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Now, get voting!

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October 2020 Drone Challenge: Landscape Photography
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  1. Here is many Nice pitcure.
    Very good work.
    I my area, the weather condion is not so good at present.
    Have a Nice day.

  2. In a world of COVID, it’s nice to take just five minutes to enjoy the silent beauty in something as simple as a picture. Great shots and thanks to everyone for 5 minutes of enjoyment

  3. Es la primera vez que tengo la oportunidad de votar. Ante todo soy fotografo y luego devine en piloto de drones. Los paisajes son hermosos. Veo en algunas fotografias, un leve exceso de edicion. Colores mas saturados que la realidad. Sera que nuestra realidad es bastante gris…..

  4. First one is my choice.
    1.) Foreground lighting captured the essence of the town with a great diverse background depth of field showing a variation of colors that give the photo an incredible serene look.

    2.) I would have elevated the picture and bring it in just a little more showing more of the tops of the trees and not so much if the foreground water. It also would have brought out the lakes on the right more.

    3.) hard to distinguish what the center line is and what are the surroundings. Would be nice to see something on the land anything to capture your eyes and interest.

    4.) great colors would like to see it backed up a little more to show more of the landscape and mountain which would bring out the side colors and would still have the water as point of focus.

    5.) background lighting washes out the foreground and colors. The composition is really good maybe it would have been better to take the shot earlier.

    6.) really good!. maybe just a tad higher to capture a little more of the background. Like the colors.

    7.) no complaints here. colors, composition, lighting all good. My second choice.

    8.) I am torn between the sky and the foreground to much brightness again on the background foreground does not show house or tree details. Up higher down and earlier lighting if possible to get both.

    9.) oh boy, this is by far one of the best. Really like the horizonal line breaking up the photo. It adds to the photo instead of just a landscape picture that is pretty. The only complaint and it really is sad but you notice the lens burn on the right corner. Otherwise it would have been a hard decision.

    10.) same with this one. Great composition, bring in a little more of the home. (nothing wrong with showing more house for eye appeal and so sad the sun burst is distracting.


  5. As is often the case deciding what makes a good photo great can be a difficult choice, so asking to vote on a “favourite landscape” has made it a little easier.
    My choice probably best reflects a similar scene I have often tried to capture the quintessential shot of, but failed, at least in the way this particular photo has managed to achieve. Well done to all those who submitted a photograph to the October challenge

  6. Appreciate the opportunity to see and share others photos. Always inspiring. thanks for making this happen Chris and Nobue.

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