The Drone Trainer Podcast 003 - Ryan Musick - The Drone Trainer

The Drone Trainer Podcast 003 - Ryan Musick

The Drone Trainer Podcast 003 – Ryan Musick

Welcome to the third episode of The Drone Trainer Podcast! In this episode, we’re going to hear from Ryan Music from Louisiana, as he discusses his new commercial drone business and gives you some ideas as to how he heavily markets himself via social media! If you haven’t done so already, now would be a great time to subscribe to the show!

Ryan is a new drone operator, establishing his business in Louisiana via a heavy social media presence. Ryan is leveraging Instagram to get his work out there, and believe it or not he’s marketing himself without a typical website! Listen in as Ryan discusses how he cold calls, creates up-sells, and does most of his video editing right on his phone!

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  1. Another great podcast from The Drone Trainer with guest Ryan Musick. He provided a lot of valuable experience and tips on great software to utilize. Thanks again and keep the great work!

    1. Hi FL, thanks for the comment! Yeah, Ryan has passion for what he’s doing, and has lots of cool ideas to put into action!

      I see that you’re an investigator! Are you using drones for your investigations?

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