The Drone Trainer Podcast 007 - John Francis - The Drone Trainer

The Drone Trainer Podcast 7 - John Francis a commercial drone operator from Massachusetts

The Drone Trainer Podcast 007 – John Francis

Welcome to the seventh episode of The Drone Trainer Podcast! I can’t believe that I’ve been going at this for 5 weeks already, and I really appreciate all the feedback that I’ve been getting from all of you wonderful listeners! Keep the comments coming, and please share with your friends that also may be interested in hearing about the commercial drone business. Anyway, today’s episode features John Francis, a commercial drone operator from Massachusetts. Listen in as he discusses the lessons that he’s learned starting his drone business, and tips for getting your business going! Oh yeah, have you subscribed to the show yet? If not, now would be a good time!

As you listen to the show, you’ll hear about how John was able to successfully market his business, and what worked and what didn’t. What I found interesting what that he received zero response from some of his marketing efforts, however he has a plan to overcome those objections and really get the business rolling! In this episode we also find out how John is charging $80 an hour for his work, and what he does with his pricing to win brand new clients!

John does the majority of his work in real estate, and he has some invaluable tips for how to get your first clients and what to present to them!

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Here are links to everything mentioned in this episode

  • DJI Phantom 3 – Fly the same workhorse drone that John does!
  • Litchi – Automated flight for DJI drones
  • Adobe Lightroom – The industry standard photography app
  • Thumbtack – Where John gets a handful of his jobs


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