The Drone Trainer Podcast 014 - John Weaver

The Drone Trainer Podcast 14 - John Weaver

The Drone Trainer Podcast 014 – John Weaver

Welcome to the 14th episode of The Drone Trainer Podcast! This week I have Jon Weaver, a drone operator from Seattle, who is running his drone business as a side hustle! And not just any side hustle… he’s made the cash to help grow his family! Listen below, and if you want to subscribe you should do that too!

John WeaverI came across John on Facebook after reading a post about how he and his wife were able to save up enough money to pay for In Vitro, and grow their family. Yeah, drones are now directly responsible for some little twins that are going to be coming into the world later this year! Congrats John!

Anyway back to what John is doing with drones! He’s shooting a lot of real estate, as well as doing video hyper lapses of new construction projects, and even mapping and modelling! Listen in as John talks about how he’s working on getting several recurrent clients to keep his income flow!

One thing that John mentioned during our interview is that he’s read some interesting stats on MLS and NAR, where they say that 73% of home owners found they would rather use a realtor who uses video to market their home. In addition, listings that had aerial photos or videos sold 68% faster than listings that don’t! Those are some pretty impressive numbers, and are a definite difference maker to everyones bottom line! If you’re wanting to learn how to make some awesome real estate videos with your drone, be sure to check out our course that shows you how it’s done from a to z!

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  1. I am a private pilot who just passed my part 107, even though I didn’t have to I plan on hiring employees and want to know what they’re going through. Regardless, this my first listen to your podcast and enjoyed in thoroughly. Looks like I might return my P4P + for the one you mentioned:-) Very insightful, loved your line of questions. Keep up the great work!! Hey John, what a great guy and good look with the twins!!

    1. Hi Scott,

      Thank you for your comment and sorry for my late reply! Congratulations on passing your Part 107! It’s a good idea to understand what your employees are going through and the knowledge that they bring to your drone operation!

      I’m glad that you are enjoying the podcast! It’s always great to hear, and this kind of feedback is what makes me keep doing it! What kind of business are you in that you’re hiring Part 107 drone pilots? Would you care to have a quick chat via skype?


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