The Drone Trainer Podcast 015 - BoE Systems Drone LiDAR

Drone Podcast 15 - BoE Systems Drone Lidar

The Drone Trainer Podcast 015 – BoE Systems

Welcome to the 15th episode of The Drone Trainer Podcast! This weeks marks the first episode where there will be three of us chatting about drones, as I discuss drone LiDAR with Jason and Blake from BoE Systems! Listen below, and if you want to subscribe that would be awesome!

BoE Systems Drone LiDAR on a M600 DroneI was referred to Jason and Blake from BoE systems by Ryan Murphy, who some of you may remember from podcast episode 5. Ryan has recently started working with BoE Systems and their drone LiDAR solution, and recommended getting them on the show to help spread their good word.

Jason and Blake have developed an affordable drone LiDAR system, where subcontractors can lease their equipment rather than forking over the full price for a very expensive drone LiDAR system. I’ll save the costs associated for the podcast episode itself, but I’m sure after you listen that the wheels will be spinning about your own business opportunities!

This is definitely one of the most technical episodes that I’ve had so far, as we get into the differences between drone LiDAR and photogrammetry, overlap, and how to capture power lines with your imagery. Want to learn what a .las file is? This show is for you!


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Here are links to everything mentioned in this episode

  • DJI M600 Pro – Jason and Blake’s preferred drone for drone LiDAR
  • Litchi – Automated flight for DJI drones


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