The Drone Trainer Podcast 016 - Danielle de Leon

Danielle de Leon - Drone Trainer Podcast 16

The Drone Trainer Podcast 016 – Danielle de Leon

Welcome to episode 16 of The Drone Trainer Podcast! This week I have a heck of an episode as I have Danielle de Leon from Montana, who has flown drones in movies such as The Revenant, worked with the US Navy, and a variety of other awesome jobs. Take a listen, and let me know what you think! Also, if you want to subscribe that would be dynamite!

Danielle de Leon - Drone Trainer Podcast 16Danielle and her boyfriend Matt are the pilots and brains behind Bird Eye of Big Sky, flying a range of drones ranging from DJI to Alta 8 systems!

As soon as I saw that Danielle had shot the drone work for The Revenant, I knew that I had to get her on what show. How many people can say that they’ve flown their drones on a blockbuster featuring Leonardo DiCaprio? Not many! Anyway, I don’t want to wreck the movie for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet, but be sure to check it out and watch for Danielle’s drone shots!

Anyway, Danielle has been involved in drones since 2014, and got her start by working at QuadroCopter before starting Birds Eye of Big Sky with Matt. Let this be a lesson to all of us that think we may be starting small and not hitting the big-time yet, but hang in there and you too may be shooting a movie with your drone as well!

Danielle is also a big fan of training new pilots, and wants to make sure that we all fly safe and get a good start when we come home from the store with a brand new drone!

Anyway, have a listen to the podcast as Danielle talks about her experience with DJI P4P, Inspires, all the way up to the Alta 6 and Alta 8 drones where she flies with a minimum of 3 people at every shoot.

Danielle de Leon - Drone Trainer Podcast 16Check our Danielle’s work and follow her on social media!


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