The Drone Trainer Podcast 017 - Spencer McDonald

Spencer McDonald - Drone Trainer Podcast 17

The Drone Trainer Podcast 017 – Spencer McDonald

This is episode 17 of The Drone Trainer Podcast! This week I have Spencer McDonald from Washington state, who discusses his real estate photography business and how drones have helped him take things to new levels. Yes, that pun was intended! Anyway, take a listen, and let me know what you think! Also, if you want to subscribe that would be dynamite!

Spencer McDonald - Drone PilotSpencer McDonald is an established real estate photographer from Washington, who has recently added a drone to his photography arsenal. Listen in as Spencer discusses how drones have helped him get some property shots that he wouldn’t have been able to capture with standard photography.

Spencer has some unique ideas for how to market his real estate drone business, including meeting realtors at their open houses. Neat idea hey?

As you hear in the show, Spencer is a huge fan of drones in real estate. If you’re also looking for an edge in real estate, be sure to check out Real Estate Drone Training where I teach you my exact process from planning, flying, and shooting, to editing!

Check our Spencer’s work and follow him on social media!


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